flock-your-friendsThe Napoleon Civic Center announces a unique fund raising event.  Here is your chance to donate to the community effort to establish a civic center in the Central School building and at the same time have some fun with it.

Here’s how it works:

  • For a donation to the Napoleon Civic Center, $20 or more, you can “throw” a FLOCK PARTY on a friend, neighbor, relative, or even yourself.
  • Over the course of the next 4-5 months—Flamingos like warm weather you know— sometime at night the NCC will deliver and place a FLOCK of 20 some brilliant pink Flamingos to the front yard of someone you choose.
  • A sign will also be placed that reads:  YOU HAVE BEEN FLOCKED
  • An accompanying envelope will be placed with it that tells them that they have been FLOCKED by someone they know as a part of the NCC Fund Raising Project.  The letter will tell them that for a suggested donation of $10 or more the NCC will remove the Flamingo flock and reveal the name of the person{s} who FLOCKED them.
  • The whole process takes approximately 2-4 days once the FLOCK “has landed”.  Person{s} throwing the FLOCK PARTY will be informed though out the process.

To throw a FLOCK PARTY:  email: mskiver@gmail.com or kenandchar@roadrunner.com  or call 419-966-6311 or 419-966-2532 or write Napoleon Civic Center 80 Bordeaux Napoleon, Ohio 43545.  Checks payable to Napoleon Civic Center.

FLOCK PARTY fund raising project will run from mid-March thru September —flamingos like warm weather you know.

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