pinkelephantA Pink Elephant Event is a unique and fun way to bring local businesses and the Napoleon Civic Center Project together — promoting your business and supporting the NCC.

You tell us what you’d like to have happen for your Pink Elephant Event and we take care of the details. Before the big day, we’ll promote your business’ sponsorship to our current supporters. With a Facebook reach of 50,000+ people, we bring our friends to your party!

On the day of the Pink Elephant Event, we’ll set up a large (4’X5’) electric pink elephant sandwich board in front of your business. Throughout the day, you can choose events you would like. Currently, we can customize for you:

Cash mobs
Want more customers? Try a cash mob! A group of people will visit your business looking to buy one item. This is perfect for restaurants or small retail shops. Be ready for high traffic!
Flash mobs
If you can’t get enough of the Harlem Shuffle or the Electric slide, this is the event for you. At a designated time, everyone will break into coordinated dance, song, or both.
Mad Hatter’s parade
Imagine a crowd of people, each wearing an unusual hat. What are they doing? Walking around attracting attention to your business. This is the choice for you if you like a quiet event.
Sweet harmonies for your and your customers
Street band
If you want to attract foot traffic, consider a street band. People stop to listen and stop to shop
Face painting
For the young or the not so young, who doesn’t want a rainbow on their cheek or to look like Spiderman for the day?
NCC sit-in
Twelve minutes of people, sitting quietly, where you’d like them to sit. This isn’t a protest. It’s a promotion!

We’d be happy to talk to you about customizing your event to match your needs.

In return for a full day  Pink Elephant Event, we would ask that you:

  • earmark a percentage of your one day profit for the NCC,
  • donate a set amount to the NCC, or
  • choose some other way to contribute to the NCC

Your business is promoted to our followers and we attract customers. You benefit and so does the community from your support of the NCC.

For more information or to get your Pink Elephant Event started,

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