2020 American Girl Doll Tea Party Vendor Request

Thank you for your interest in our 6th Annual American Girl Doll Tea Party. Please fill out the form below to submit a request to participate in this year’s event. Please note you will receive a confirmation email within 7-10 business days confirming you have been accepted and will have 24 hours to respond or we will, unfortunately, move on to the next vendor. We try our best to not have duplicated vendors at this event.

Details about the event: Each vendor should supply two items from their “product line” each equivalent to $15-20. Setup will begin at 11:00 pm on April 19, 2020, and all vendors MUST be set up no later than 1:15 pm. Vendors will be provided one 6-8ft table and 1 chair in an approx 10×10 space. Please note will try our best to ensure that there are no duplicates vendors selling the same products. Please accept our apologies in advance if there are any duplicates.

Questions should be directed via email to events@napoleonciviccenter.org