Gifts of stock, especially long-term appreciated stock, provide benefits to the Napoleon Civic Center and you. The Napoleon Civic Center can put your stock donations to immediate use and you can:

  • Give away appreciated assets and usually avoid a tax gain
  • Receive the regular charitable income tax deduction if you itemize your taxes
  • Claim a tax deduction for the full fair market value (rather than the cost value) of your stock if you have owned the securities for more than one year.

Stock Transfer Instructions:

  1. If the stock is held by your broker, ask your broker to send the stock “DTC” to Napoleon Civic Center’s account using the following information:
    Edward Jones
    Reference Account #426-06878-1-1
    Attn: Dave Riggenbach
    113 East Clinton Street
    Napoleon, OH 43545
    Phone: (419) 599-8010
  2. If the stock is in your possession, send the stock certificate to the address below along with a letter stating that you are making a gift of stock to Roundabout. The letter should be signed by all of the people listed on the stock certificate. Also, in a separate envelope, please send a “Stock Power” form (available from your broker) signed by all of the people listed on the stock certificate. You will then be sent a form to be signed, notarized and returned to Napoleon Civic Center.

Please contact us and let us know the name of the broker who will handle the transaction for you, the name of the stock, and the number of shares you are donating (Example: 500 shares of IBM Stock,) so that we can be aware that the gift is forthcoming.

The Napoleon Civic Center’s federal tax identification number is 45-5566825.